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What is the Seven Arts Archives?

Originating in 1913, the term “Seven Arts” refers to the traditional subdivision of the arts. Those being Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Literature, Music, Performance, and Cinema.

Since our humbler beginnings in 2018, this small collective of artistic volunteers has sought to establish a digital archive meant to preserve, protect and promote rare and local art history.

2021 will be our third year of incredible programming! Thinking GLOBALLY, we document LOCALLY. We are honored to continue our three-year collaboration with Skystage and Frederick Arts Council, as well as Let There be Rock School Panhandle, Berkeley Arts Council and the Apollo Civic Theatre. Seven Arts Archives is a volunteer arts organization. We are always looking for volunteers and collaborators please feel free to message us.

Why an archive?

“All those memories will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.”

Advertising / Commercials

No matter the size of your business or your product, advertising is a must. We provide full commercial production services so your advertisement gets the attention it deserves.  Contact us today to get a consultation for any of your advertising needs.


Check out this hype video we did for a local boxing gym!


Some past and ongoing projects that HSP has been involved in. 

The Seven Arts Archive
Audio & Video 

From the imagination, to the editing room, and all things in between. HSP offers full service movie/film capabilities, as well as audio recording and engineering.  Take advantage of all of the technology and equipment that we have to offer to bring your idea to the big screen! 


We offer a full 24 Channel-Soundproof Recording Studio with digital recording and mastering.


We also have a 20 x 10 - 3D Green Screen Studio that can be set up and tailored to your needs. 

Just want to use the Green Screen, or equipment for a shoot? Contact us, and we can discuss any options that might suit your needs. 

Event and Concert

Do you have a concert or event that you want to share with the world? Has COVID-19 limited your audience? Look no further, our full suite of live broadcasting capabilities can make your event the premier show that it should be. Live-streaming to any and all platforms, simulcasting, multiple 4K UHD cameras with full broadcast ATEM switching are just the basics. Multitrack audio, Chroma Key backgrounds, and personalized on screen graphics are the icing on the cake! 


HSP-TV is our featured Live Sports network. Showcasing live local sports from around the panhandle. If you have a High School, or Intramural sports league, and you want to expand your viewership or coverage, look no further. With a dedicated team providing full coverage from all angles, you never miss a minute of the action!

Services Offered

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